What is the usual turnround time to create a web site?
The time to complete a web site is determined by the size of the site, it’s complexity and if there is to be ongoing maintenance of the site in question.

Do you have any recommendations for site hosting and domain registar?
We recommend Blue Host. They have excellent pricing, technical support and superb uptime. They have also won serveral awards over the years for their outstanding service. Many CWD clients use Blue Host and their and CWD’s experiences with them have been very rewarding.

You are, of course, free to use any hosting and/or domain registar that you like. If you need help with setting up your hosting or domain, CWD can help you with every step of the process.

How soon will my domain and hosting become active?
Domain names generally take between 24-72 hours to become active. In most cases, domain names registered through Blue Host active within 24 hours. Times may vary when using a different service.

Hosting will generally become active within 1-2 hours after registration and payment approval is completed. However, until the domain itself is active, access to the site can only be done through the site’s ip address. (e.g.

Do you handle site and domain transfers?
Absolutely. If you wish to transfer your current hosting to another provider or your domain name to another registar, we can handle this for you.

How is site content handled?
Customer can submit all necessary site content as needed, such as site text, graphics, contact information etc. We accept digital text via Microsoft Word, WordPerfect and other formats as well as via email. We also accept hard copies of material via snail mail. Additional charges for scanning in material may apply, depending on volume.

How are graphics/images handled?
The customer may submit digital images, send images to us for scanning or both. Custom graphics such as logos, buttons and banners can be produced at an additional cost.

Does CWD charge by the hour?
No. CWD charges by the project.

How is payment for CWD’s services handled?
We generally require that the customer pay 50% of the price of the service requested up front and the other 50% when the service is completed. This is open to negotiation, but only on a case-by-case basis. Payment can be made by check, money order or PayPal.

Have a question that is not covered here?
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