Design is both a creative process as well as putting together all of the functional elements so that the ideal site will present a seamless marriage between the two. One that provides a unique and rewarding experience for it’s visitors.

Instead of engaging in the often time consuming and frustrating task of trying to “reinvent the wheel”, I help my customers concentrate more on the how they want to brand themselves, their product and display their unique signature in today’s ever-changing web.

With this in mind, I offer to prospective customers the following design services:


• Website design and re-design, theme and template creation
• Installation of sever-side scripts, web front-ends (such as blog and CMS software)
• Logo, banner creation and development
• Multimedia content creation
• Development of mailing lists and advertising campaigns
• Mobile layouts

WordPress Specialization:

Is your existing site built on the WordPress platform? CWD specializes in the utilization of the WordPress platform, including installation, template creation, plugin maintenance and upgrades. If fact, many of the sites listed in our Portfolio were built using the WordPress platform. Including this one.


From start to finish, CWD will help you with every step of the process of building, testing and launching your site. From the first mockup to the finished product, you can feel confident that every facet of the process will be handled in a professional and easy to understand manner.


Each client wants their site and identity to be unique and express their ideas, thoughts and products in one-of-a-kind way. With this in mind, I offer these elements to help our clients reach that goal:

• Template creation that uses a unique layout or color scheme to differentiate yourself from the crowd.
• Helping you analyze who you are target audience will be and how to reach them most effectively.
• Assisting with site content and keywords to help you reach maximum exposure and relevance.


If you need need help with branding your site and giving it a high search engine ranking, we can assist you with that as well. Submissions to major search engines, installation of site plugins and helping you with title and copy suggestions that attracts the top-of-the-hill ranking of search engines will help give your site the maximum exposure and audience.


Rest assured that you will have backup in case your site needs any type of servicing, whether because of server issues, a software problem or an update. We are only a phone call or email away.

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